Make your own Ernie Costume

Sunny skies will be chasing the clouds away when you are dressed in an Ernie costume. Ernie is one–half of the “Bert and Ernie” duo who are two roommates on the long–running education television show, “Sesame Street”. From the imagination of Muppets creator, Jim Henson, these puppets were designed loosely on the shapes and colors of an orange (Ernie) and a banana (Bert). Ernie is best known for his fondness for a rubber duckie, playing the saxophone and pestering his friend, Bert. Dressing up in an Ernie costume is sure to get lots of laughs!

Items Needed:
Blue pants, cuffed
Orange, blue and yellow striped shirt
Poster board
Large red pom pom
Black yarn
Rubber duck


Step 1: Ernie wears a boyish outfit of blue pants which are cuffed, youthful sneakers and a horizontally striped shirt in stripes of orange, blue and yellow. Any striped shirt in bright colors will work as a substitute.

Step 2: To create a mask for your Ernie costume, start with a piece of poster board trimmed down into a perfectly round circle larger than your head. Cut out two holes where your eyes will be for visibility. Paint the entire poster board a brownish–orange and after this dries paint two white ovals around your cut–out eyes and a happy, smiling mouth. Glue on a large red pompom for the nose and attach two leftover pieces of poster board for the ears.

Step 3: Don’t forget to add a bit of hair on top of Ernie’s head with some black yarn that has been glued on. Punch two holes, one near each ear, and thread through some elastic to help keep your Ernie costume mask in place.

Step 4: Finally, don’t forget to bring your beloved rubber duckie!

Items needed to make your Ernie Costume

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