Make your own Cowgirl Costume

Yippee–yi–yay! Dressing up like a cowgirl is a mighty fine choice for ladies who long to roam the open range on horseback or shake their fringe out on the dance floor. Whether you’ve got an urban cowboy vibe or a countrified charm, it is easy to round up a Cowgirl costume you make yourself.

Items needed to make your Cowgirl Costume

Items Needed:
Denim mini skirt
1 yard faux Suede fringe trim
Plaid snap or button–front shirt
Belt with big buckle
Cowboy boots
Cowboy hat


Step 1: Any self–respecting future cowgirl has a denim mini–skirt hanging in her closet. Pull out that little leg–baring number and sew or hot glue on the tan suede fringe along the bottom edge. You can find this faux suede trim on the notions aisle of the craft store or fabric store; if it is unavailable, substitute a brown strip of felt that you have cut “fringe“ into.

Step 2: Put on your shirt and instead of tucking it in, tie it up so that your midriff is revealed. Any plaid shirt is fine, but a plaid shirt with western detailing and pearlized buttons is even better for a Cowgirl costume. Tie a red bandana around your neck.

Step 3: Accessorize your Cowgirl costume with a cowboy belt, the bigger the buckle the better. If you don’t have a big ole buckle, just make one out of a cardboard scrap, paint and glitter. Of course, you’ll also need a pair of cowboy boots and cowboy hat white if you are a good girl, black if you are naughty!

Step 4: For a wholesome cowgirl look, wear your hair in two braids or go va–va–va voom wit big, sexy hair. Also, silver or Native–American inspired jewelry would make a great addition to your cowgirl costume.

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