Make your own Baseball Costume

You’ll be ready to head to the ballpark as a real player in a winning Baseball costume that you make at home. Whether you are looking to dress as a Major League star, a hometown hero, or even a scrappy sandlot player, baseball costumes are as all–American as apple pie. From the tip of your cap to the cleats on your feet, no one will doubt your status as heavy hitter.

Items needed to make your Baseball Costume

Items Needed:
Black sweat pants
Off–white t–shirt
Permanent markers
6 off–white buttons
Iron–on letters
Iron on numbers
Knee socks
Baseball caps
Baseball mitt


Step 1: Start your baseball costume with home–made baseball pants, a quick way to do this is to take a pair of knit sweat pants and cut them off about 6 inches below the knee. Fold under the raw edge and sew down leaving an opening to thread through elastic; repeat for other side.

Step 2: Make a baseball jersey on the fly with a solid color t–shirt in your choice of colors; off–white is a good choice for a retro look. Use permanent markers in your choice of colors to draw on a front placket and thin vertical stripes all over the front, back and sleeves. Sew small buttons onto the faux placket to make the jersey look more authentic.

Step 3: Use iron–on letters and numbers to spell out your name in a slightly arched design as well as your jersey number. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions on back of package for adhering letters/numbers to the shirt.

Step 4: Pair your baseball jersey and baseball pants with coordinating knee–high socks and a pair of baseball cleats.

Step 5: For a homerun look, your Baseball costume needs a few good props such as a baseball cap and leather mitt.

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