Make your own Archie Costume

Archie Andrews is the car–loving, ladies man who is also the title character of is own comic strip “Archie”. This redheaded teenager is a student at fictional Riverside High where he dates two girls at once; the rich–chick Veronica and the pretty blonde Betty. Archie is also pals with Jug Head, the hamburger gobbling, slacker guy of the group. If you are a fan of this long–running comic strip (since 1941), an Archie costume is a great choice for your next dress–up event or Halloween party. Another benefit is that many of the items are available right in your own closet.

Items needed to make your Archie Costume

Items Needed:
Brown pants
White button–down shirt
Blue sweater vest or,
Bright blue sweatshirt
1 8 x 11–inch sticky back white felt
Red character wig
Brown eyeliner pencil


Step 1: Start off your all–American Archie costume with a pair of brown pants or khakis rolled up at the cuffs. Wear with a pair of retro looking sneakers (such as Converse high tops), your choice of color. I

Step 2: Slip into a button–down white shirt and layer with a bright blue sweater vest. If you don’t have a sweater vest, you can simply take a fleece sweatshirt and cut the sleeves off as well as a “V” neck into the top.

Step 3: Using the sticky–black white felt, outline a large “R” on the front and cut out. Remove backing, and adhere the “R” to the middle of the sweater. We’re pretty sure that the “R” stands for Riverside High, Archie’s school!

Step 4: Comb back your red hair or add a red character wig and use a brown eyeliner pencil do darken the eyebrows and make a smattering of freckles along the nose and cheeks. Of course, your teenage friends such as Jughead, Betty, Veronica and other Riverside pals.

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