Make your own Annie Costume

You can bet your bottom dollar that the sun will come out tomorrow. It is just that positive attitude that has made the character of Little Orphan Annie a beloved character with many generations. The vehicle that made this fictional 11–year old girl so famous was first a comic strip and later a musical. Living without any parents in an orphanage with a dog name Sandy for a best friend, the optimistic Annie eventually gets the storybook ending when she is adopted by the kindly and rich Daddy Warbucks. Don’t expect any hard–knocks if you want to make an Annie costume at home, is a fun and easy costume or your next event.

Items needed to make your Annie Costume

Items Needed:
Red dress
White belt
White felt
White bobby socks
Black Mary Jane shoes
Red curly wig
Brown eyebrow pencil
Stuffed animal toy dog


Step 1: As an orphan, Annie only has one dress, the mostly red dress that she does her day to day chores in. A simple red dress with an a–line skirt and fitting, short–sleeve bodice will work the best.

Step 2: Transform your red dress into the perfect Annie costume dress by adding a white belt and a white collar. You can make the Peter Pan–style collar from white felt and sew onto the dress with needle and thread.

Step 3: For a little girl look, wear white fold–down socks trimmed with lace and a pair of youthful black Mary Jane shoes.

Step 4: A must have for any Annie costume is to replicate her short shock of curly red hair. If this is not your natural look (and it is probably not!) you will need a red Annie wig. Use a brown eyebrow pencil to speckle your face with faux freckles across the cheeks and bridge of nose.

Step 5: Finally, bring along a toy stuffed animal dog to act as your faithful companion, Sandy.

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