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The Best Wolverine Costumes Ideas

Straight from the X-men franchise, Wolverine is a mutant human with regenerative powers of healing, retractable claws, animal keen senses and a skeleton bonded with indestructible metal. Born as Josh Howlett and also know as Logan, Wolverine is a rebel at heart and a brooding, loner-type character who resists authority. On the big screen in the “X-Men” series, this popular superhero characters is played by actor Hugh Jackman.

Wolverine Costumes Ideas

Transform yourself in almost werewolf style in a Wolverine costume from the world of X-Men. Hook your claws into a wolverine costume to fit children, teens and adults based on either the comic book or movie series look. A comic-book style wolverine costume features a yellow and blue jumpsuit while there is also a newer version of the wolverine costume in brown and orange.  A character face mask showing off his signature hair and strap on plastic claws complete the fierce look. For group fun, have friends dress as other X-men mutants including Rouge, Storm, Cyclops and more.

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