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Richard Nixon Mask

Richard Nixon Mask

Richard Nixon Mask - You get to do all sorts of Richard Nixon things in this mask, like shake hands, kiss babies and comm...

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The 37th President of the United States was Richard Milhous Nixon who before that also served as Vice President under President Dwight Eisenhower. During Nixon’s time as president relations with the Soviet Union were soften and there was rapprochement, or a bringing together, of relations with the People’s Republic of China. He also was able to bring about a cease fire that ended the American involvement in the Vietnam War.  However, due to his involvement in the Watergate Scandal, Nixon was the only president to resign facing certain impeachment; he was directly pardoned by his successor President Ford.

Richard Nixon Costumes Ideas

To dress up as Richard Nixon costume, our political fashion gurus suggest a conservative blue or dark grey suit with a slight groovy 70s feel.  Add a red tie and a Richard Nixon costume mask for a truly presidential look.  Raise both your hands up above your head in political peace signs and ham it up for the crowds, his trademark move.  Have a friends dress up as other American Presidents such as George Washington, Abe Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt or more modern commander-in-chiefs. Get you Ricahrd Nixon costume now!

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