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Boy's Policeman Swat Costume

Boy's Policeman Swat Costume

Boy's Policeman Swat Costume - Policeman SWAT Child Costume Call in the Reinforcements! Costume includes: Authentic style shirt, ve...

Price $45.99
Men's Policeman Costume

Men's Policeman Costume

Men's Policeman Costume - Hot Patrol Adult Costume This police officer is one hot off beat cop! Costume includes: Short sleeve...

Price $35.99
Men's Policeman Shirt

Men's Policeman Shirt

Men's Policeman Shirt - Policeman Adult Shirt An Officer in Uniform Should always be obeyed! Long sleeved, collared police s...

Price $24.99
Policeman Hat

Policeman Hat

Policeman Hat - Policeman Hat Patrol the streets to protect citizens from criminals as an officer of the law! Includ...

Price $17.99

The Best Policeman Costumes Ideas

Whether you want to play “good cop” or “bad cop”, a police costume is a great way to command attention at any interrogation.  Now matter what name you’re called, from the police, the boys in blue, the brass, the fuzz or the cops (constable on patrol), you. Drop into a party and watch every one clean up their acts when you walk through the door in a police costume; until they realize it’s just you!  Haul ‘em down to the pokey anyway!

Policeman Costumes Ideas

You’ll look like you graduated top of the class from the Academy in a traditional men’s policeman costume. A dark blue pair of pants and button down shirt, a patch that reads “Police”, a standard police hat and silvery badge will give you the look the law requires.  Carry along a pair of handcuffs or night stick with your policeman costume to show you’re not to be messed with. Ladies can dress up in a sexy policeman costume that will make guys want to surrender themselves into the arms of the law. The short flirty skirt and plunging necklines are so sexy it should be illegal! Get group together and spoof the parody cop-show Reno 911, that squad of politically incorrect and hilariously incompetent law enforcement officers.

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