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Pirate Parrot

Pirate Parrot

Pirate Parrot - Pirate Parrot Every Pirate Needs His First Mate! Great accessory for your pirate costume. Approximat...

Price $16.09
Pirate Parrot Accessory

Pirate Parrot Accessory

Pirate Parrot Accessory - SQUAK....LISTEN TO POLLY! Polly want a Pirate Parrot Accessory so Polly doesn't have to sit on your ...

Price $12.99

The Best Pirate Parrot Costumes Ideas

A pirate exudes a dashing, debonair and just a bit dangerous style.  However, with a pampered pet parrot perched on a pirate’s shoulder, any sea-faring robber seems a little more approachable.  If Polly wants a cracker, then Polly gets a cracker – we know who the boss is now!  When the ship docks, any pet loving pirate will be hitting the pet store to buy some shiny new trinkets with all the plundered loot.

Pirate Parrot Costumes Ideas

A favorite Pirate Parrot costumes are Blackbeard and Long John Silver.  In addition to their somewhat raggedy but dandified pirate ensembles, they were always happy to have a parrot nearby.  Having a parrot made the days at sea much more entertaining and a parrot could even act as an “alarm” if a trespasser came on board.  Other Pirate Parrot costumes include the flamboyant Captain Jack Sparrow from Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean. For a humorous touch, have a friend join you dressed in a larger-than-life parrot mascot costume.

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