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Chiffon Harem Pants

Chiffon Harem Pants

Chiffon Harem Pants - Chiffron Harem Pants With elastic waistband! Chiffon pants with elastic waistband, one size fits mos...

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The Best Harem Costumes Ideas

A harem is a group of women in a polygamous relationship with a single man, typically in the Near East culture.  The term, which literally means “something forbidden or kept safe”, also refers to the quarters that these women live in that is off-limits to men. Harem costumes are an exotic and sexy costume choice for ladies of all sizes.

Harem Costumes Ideas

A humorous “Harem Scarem” harem costume is a huge, inflatable costume that features a somewhat less that attractive seductress dressed in typical red diaphanous and midriff revealing outfit. Sexier harem costumes feature sheer full pants that billow down to the ankles and a coordinating short top.  Often the harem costume will be embellished with ornate jewelry and coined belts and a veil is worn to partially shield the face. Jeannie’s outfit from “I Dream of Jeannie” is a take-off on a Middle Eastern harem costume as are some of the costumes from “Aladdin”.

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