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Goofy Golf Balls

Goofy Golf Balls

Goofy Golf Balls - Goofy Balls! Hit this ball & it never goes straight. Watch out as it careens around the course. 3 ba...

Price $8.09
How To Be A Goofy Juggler

How To Be A Goofy Juggler

How To Be A Goofy Juggler - How To Be A Goofy Juggler This step-by-step guide will not only tech you how to juggle, but how to m...

Price $23.99
Kids Goofy Toofers 4 Pack

Kids Goofy Toofers 4 Pack

Kids Goofy Toofers 4 Pack - Does your kiddo have high hopes of dressing up as a hooting, hollering red neck this Halloween? Mayb...

Price $9.99
Goofy Gator Costume

Goofy Gator Costume

Goofy Gator Costume - He might be small, but you always knew your baby was a lurking predator! He might lack the reptilian...

Price $54.99
Goofy Pajama Costume

Goofy Pajama Costume

Goofy Pajama Costume - Did you know that Goofy wasn't always known as such? He actually starred in his first Disney cartoon...

Price $69.99

The Best Goofy Costumes Ideas

Well, “gawrsh”!  A Goofy costume is just thing for a Disney dog lover. This animated cartoon dog started his career off as “Dippy Dawg” and then eventually the nickname “Goofy” stuck.  Goofy makes many appearances in Disney animations as Mickey Mouse’s pet dog and as a leading character in his own right.  “A Goofy Movie” is a more contemporary full-length movie that features this clumsy and loveable dumb dog. The young whipper-snappers might know Goofy as one of their favorite characters in the video game, “Kingdom Hearts”

Goofy Costumes Ideas

Dress up as this crazy cartoon canine in a pair of blue jean pants, an orange shirt, brown shoes and his floppy green stovepipe hat.  Add a character Goofy costume mask is just the thing to give you a makeover from person to pooch.  And, speaking of pooch makeovers; treat your own pampered dog to his very own Goofy costume with an orange knit suit and green hat!  Gather the whole club and get friends to dress in Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck and other classic Disney characters.

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