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The Comedian Mustache

The Comedian Mustache

The Comedian Mustache - The Comedian Mustache Now You Can Be Anyone You Want Each includes mustache, and adhesive tape strip...

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The opening scene of the Watchmen shows an aging Comedian getting beaten to a pulp and then murdered. The Comdian’s murder set in action the storyline of the Watchmen. The Comedian is a macho barbaric hero who kills anyone for any reason. When the Watchmen are outlawed he is allowed to continue his mayhem by becoming a government mercenary. He has a brutal rape scene and it is later discovered that he is the Silk Spectre’s father. The Comedian is not really funny so his moniker is more sarcastic than humorous.

Comedian Costumes Ideas

The Comedian costume has a armored look with a muscle chest and padded muscle shoulders. The costume includes his Comedian mask and boot covers. Throughout the movie the Comedian chews on a cigar and sports a black mustache. You can add these finishing touches to create his menacing tough guy persona.

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