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Cat Woman Mask

Cat Woman Mask

Cat Woman Mask - Kitty Mask Leather-Like Here, Kitty Kitty! Includes: Shiny black vinyl catwoman mask for a very mode...

Price $14.99
Women's Sexy Cat Woman Costume

Women's Sexy Cat Woman Costume

Women's Sexy Cat Woman Costume - Sexy Wet Look Catsuit Adult Costume Wear this black leather look to go on the prowl as a cougar or s...

Price $59.99

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The Cat Woman character from the Batman comic book originally appeared in the 1940s.  Often referred to as “the cat”, this dastardly kitty was notorious for rampage thefts and wielding a dangerous whip. Aloof and independent, as any good cat would be, Cat Woman was part good and part bad.  Known for her beauty and intelligence, Cat Woman has also been portrayed on television and the big screen by actresses such as Julie Newmar, Michelle Pfieffer and Halle Berry. 


Cat Woman Costumes Ideas




There are many styles and sizes of Cat Woman costumes on the market today; you are sure to find the “purrrfect” one to suit your own cat fancy.  You can choose a leather cat woman costume in the style of a serious dominatrix from the Batman Returns movie starring Michelle Pfieffer as the Cat Woman or the rubber looking costume that Halle Berry wore.  For comic book traditionalists, a comic book inspired Cat Woman costume and mask in black and purple will take you back in history to Gotham City.

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