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Godfather Hat - Godfather Hat When you need to "make an offer they cannot refuse"! An excellent high quality hat for costume or everyday use. Black, or grey felt with matching band. A favorite look of Michael Corleone. Sizes available: Small Medium Large X-Large - http://www.anrdoezrs.net/click-3986205-10749902?url=http%3A%2F%2Fhalloweenexpress.com%2Fgodfather-hat-p-4652.html - http://images.asadart.com/sources/com/halloweenexpress/images/imagecache/300-108-GA11.jpg - 71.99
Godfather Hat

Godfather Hat

Godfather Hat - Godfather Hat When you need to "make an offer they cannot refuse"! An excellent high quality hat for...

Price $71.99

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Now this is a costume you can’t refuse!  Based on the 1972 mob-family film “The Godfather” directed by Francis Ford Copolla, a godfather costume commands authority and evokes fear.  It’s no wonder the strong feelings, not only was Vito Corleone one scary dude, but the Academy-Award winning movie itself was voted the greatest film of all time by “Entertainment Weekly”. Just please, please no horse’s head!

Godfather Costumes Ideas

No one will be able to “fugghettaboutit” when you’re dressed up in a Godfather costume. Several styles of godfather costumes are available to adult men and plus sizes.  Look like you’ve stepped of the big screen in a black-and-white striped Zoot suit featuring a double-breasted jacked, a faux shirt with attached tie and coordinating pants. Godfather costumes also work well for showing off your Italian-American style as other mobsters and gangsters including “The Sopranos”, Al Capone, and more. Add a black fedora gangster hat and toy machine gun for a look that means all business.

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