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There is no doubt about it, kids love to dress up. In fact, some little children are so into dressing up that they insist on heading to the market with mommy in the full regalia of a princess or superhero! Even older kids, such as ‘tweens or teens, who think they are too cool to dress as the characters popular with their younger siblings are getting into expressing their creativity with manga, anime and cosplay costumes.

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Whether you child wants to dress up as a hero or villain, princess or wicked stepmother, you are sure to find a fitting kid’s costume to make the day memorable. With superhero costumes literally from A to Z (Astro Boy through Zorro) and a full court of Disney Princesses and other royalty, there is sure to be a fantasy character that makes your little one’s dreams come true. There is something to fit every aspiring character, from babies and toddlers through older children and ‘tweens; often you can even find a matching outfit for the dog! Perfect for Halloween, a school play, or any special celebration, kid’s costumes are around for year round fun! Of course, you’ll want to let your child choose matching accessories and makeup to make their kid’s costume a total show-stopper!

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