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You can be suited up in the most fabulous costume ever, but it won’t be convincing until you have the coordinating hat, wig or mask. Pay attention to what you put on top and watch your run of the mill costume run away with style! In sizes and styles to suit men, women, ‘tweens, children and toddlers, there are hundreds of options available that will make you feel like you’re in an old-fashioned milliner’s shop.

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Men, even the follicularlly challenged, can sprout a whole new head of hair from a 1950s inspired greaser ducktail to Rastafarian dreadlocks.  Facial hair can also give a clean shaven guy a more manly look from mutton chop side burns and pencil thin Latin-lover mustaches – there is even a kit to give you the chest hair you’ve always dreamed of. Women can change their hair do every day with long Rapuzel wigs to neon pink pop star hair. Regardless of the hair you choose, top it with a sparkly tiara, cowboy hat, pointed witch hat or any other “lid” you can imagine. Masks also make the Halloween costume, from simple coverings for the eyes like Zorro or a Superhero would wear to elaborately painted latex half masks will make an unusual costume even unique.

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