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Snips and snails and puppy dogs tails, that’s what they say boys are made of! With this messy and masculine image, it’s no wonder that these little dudes enjoy dressing up in boy costumes that allow them role play as various rough and tumble characters. Available in sizes to fit baby boys and toddler boys to older boys, ‘tweens and teens, you are sure to find a costume for boys that both you and your child can agree upon

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For baby boys, this is your choice to dress them up as you like before they voice a strong-willed opinion! There are darling baby boy costumes, such as not-so-ferocious lions, hysterical strong men and themed buntings to keep them cozy. Toddler boys through early elementary love to emulate their heroes. From Superman and Batman to Buzzlightyear from Toy Story, there are many great role models for your male child to imitate. ‘Tween and teen boys love fantasy ranging from anime and manga available in all types of cosplay costumes to science fiction such as Star Wars and Star Trek. For the boys brave at heart, a horror costume such as a ghost, vampire or slasher movie villain will make a Halloween costume that is to die for.

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